Overview and Logo

Stillae is a beauty cream company. Target demographic middle aged woman. Main key characteristics ; Classy, Clean, and Reliable. I found that stillae can be pronounced in different ways. I discovered when you stress the “ae,” it sounds much more classy. To emphasize them, I merged them together. With that ae I could then use as branding element. I went with a cool blue color to give calming and trusting feelings. As well to stand out from other competitors because the majority of the market has warm colors. San serif fontface to continue with the comfort.  


Stillae means water in Latin. So having rain wash in the logo works perfectly with purity and with the Latin root. Made 3d animation and modeling was done in Blender. 2d motion graphics were done in After Effects. 

Business Package

Business card and letter head . Staying with the less is more aesthetic. Embossing on one side of the business card. 


Cream, oil, and face wash. Both the cream and the facewash can be placed on the shelf safely. But the face oil needs extra packaging.


The market is over saturated with people and their faces on beauty products. To stand out more I decided to come up with a solution to stand out more. Cream running down on a hand. With warm skin and a blurred cool background ae to create more contrast. 

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