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Candle Elemental

A creature Blooming form a dying candle's melting wax.

Render study

Study of bounce light and material surfaces.

Multicultural Poster

A Competition where each student design a poster and presented their ideas to promote about the event. My design Won ...


The most Unlikely of friends

Creepy Green Man

A creepy man

Green Creature

Render study Focused on the creepy Nature

Mushroom Girl

A scene were a wandering girl in a desert happens to meet a water spirit at the bottom of a ...

Render Study

A render study focused on emphasizing mood

Creative and Visual Thinking Cover

A cover for a book I am currently working on for a class about concept art and the process of ...

In The dark Website

A site with an animated intro

Advertising Campaign

Bill board, Magazine, Coupon, and Gazette ad.

Business Package

Logo, Envelope, and Letter Head.

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