Overview & Logo

Mountain beat is an Energy drink for adrenaline junkies. Marketing toward younger demographic 15-25. The design is clean and slick. All aspects refer back to your beat of your heart and the beat of music. A custom design font with rounded and modern smooth forms like music. 


You are introduced with the core of the company, the heart beat. But in this case, it is the beat of the music which wraps around the soda can following the music waveform. The logo is then revealed. The word mountain rises from the ground and beats gets entwined by the heart beat line.

Branding Elements

The beat of music and the heart is the core of the design. Mountain beat uses blues but are not limited to it. The EKG pattern resembles simplified  over stimulated heart. 


Very few energy drinks have a primary white case. This allows any color to be used on top of it which can be used for the different flavors. It also allows each color to pop without any color lagging behind. 


The Heart beat is continuous around the can. Not even the notoriously bland nutrition facts box can stop the beat. the flavor flows with the EKG line bringing focus to it. The sound waves at the tops and bottoms of the design also direct attention to the logo and flavor

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